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news flash

Visiting Europe? UK Lebara Mobile has incredible low international calling rates, and you can roam in the whole Europe!

US simcards

We offer both voice and data US prepaid wireless solutions for our customers.

If you are,

  • International traveler: if you are an international traveler to the US and you want to save your roaming fee, you can get one of our products and start enjoying calling freedom in the US.
  • US domestic user: if you are tired of high monthly wireless bills, we offer you pay as you go solutions. The rate is as low as $0.1/min and data services are also available for your i-phone or smart phones.

Our products cover pay as you go (pay by minutes), pay by the day, pay by the month. Depending how long you stay in the US or how soon you want to recharge your account, you can select your own right product.


Plan selection

Plan Airvoice
Tmobile pay as you go


Airvoice wireless


Pay by the minute

Pay by the month

AT&T Pay by the minute

AT&T pay by the day

AT&T Pay by the month


Pay by the minute

Pay by the day

Pay by the month

3G high speed capability






200 MB/$15/30days
1 GB/$25/30days



Data Service

We also offer prepaid data service for both the laptop and the handset.

  • AT&T gophone use and Airvoice provides high speed 3G connection (386kpbs). If you want to have broadband wireless, you should consider either one.
  • Tmobile provides 2G speed (56 kpbs). Plan B, C and D provides unlimited access to internet though.
  • AT&T gophone does not support i-phone. i-phone users should either use Airvoice or Tmobile.
  • We offer Verizon 3G EVDO high speed data connection.. You can rent a USB dungle and purchase the data credit from us. You have to pay $50 deposit and $10 activation fee for the hardware. The monthly rate is $50 for 1GB or $80 for 5GB.


We sell recharge vouchers as well as simcards. You do not need to worry about where to buy topup vouchers once your purchase a simcard from us. You are welcome to come back to our shopping card and select your preferred denomination. You can recharge from your handset or you can ask us to do it for you or change plans for you.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 September 2012 17:56