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At a glance

Key Feature Rates
  • SIM card with pre-loaded credit and a local France cell phone number
  • Free incoming calls+ Free incoming SMS from anywhere, even at €0 balance
  • Free 7day/10MB internet upon each €5 top up
  • 500MB, 1GB, or 3GB data package available
  • Free Unlimited Lebara-to-lebara calls within 5 days of a €5 or  €15 top up (30 days for  €20 or more)
  • Low rate for direct international calls . (only €0.05/min to USA!)
  • 1c/min international call package available
  • various special packages available (e.g. intl calls. See Lebara's website)
  • Pre-activated by AeroBile before your trip
  • Can roam in multiple European countries (roaming tariff applies)
France Domestic Out-going Calls
€0.15 connection fee+ €0.09/min (~US$0.11) outgoing
International Out-going Calls
 €0.15 connection fee + €0.05/min to USA or Canada and €0.01/min to most EU landlines
Out-going Text / SMS Rates
€0.15 per outgoing SMS to anywhere
Internet/Data Rates
data package available by SMS. Current offer: Each €5 top up gives you 7day free 10MB internet


France Lebara mobile offers you the low rate with convenient direct international dialing. One SIM card give your a local France mobile phone number (for people to call you) and low cost to make direct international calls to the world: €0.09/min to call USA/Canada/UK landline, only €0.01 to Australia and New Zealand landlines. Rates to Asia are €0.09 to Japan landlines and €0.01 to South Korea landlines. You can subscribe wireless mobile broadband by text messaging. Whoever you are a student, tourist or businessman, this simcard gives you freedom to travel in France. No matter where you are, you can check email, check your location, or keep friends in touch. The SIM card includes €7.5 credit and expires in 90 days (can be extended with further top up).


  • We will activate the SIM card for you. The SIM has initial credit as you specified.  You can use the SIM right after arriving France, no more searching for local wireless stores or asking around in the airport.
  • Prepaid account. No contract, No activation fee.
  • Direct international dialing at low rate. (check rates) No need to prepare another calling card for international calls.
  • Free unlimited incoming calls/ messages, even at €0 balance. (As long as the account is still active.)
  • One simple low rate, anytime. Special package available for various needs (promotional offers are subject to change).
  • Free caller ID

How to use:

  • A GSM900/1800 MHz unlocked cell phone handset is required. Note for North American users: (1) North America uses GSM 850/1900 frequency, thus you need a tri-band/ quad-band phone to travel to Europe. (2) US/Canada wireless carriers often lock their phones to their service. You will need to call them to unlock the phones before you can use any other SIM card on that phone.
  • Please provide your passport number so that we can activate the SIM card for you before your trip.
  • To dial a local phone:  same as using a local France phone. For example, dial 01 XX XX XX XX fro a Paris landline, or dial 06 XX XX XX XX for mobile phone #.
  • Direct international dialing: dial 00-(country code)-(area code)-(phone #). For example, to dial a USA/Canada phone #, dial: 00-1-XXX-XXX-XXXX. For cell phone #s or area codes start with "0", omit the first "0". For example, to UK mobile phone # 0755XXXXXXX,  dial:  00-44-755XXXXXXX. You can also use "+country code-area code-local phone number" to make an international call.
  • Friends or family to call your France Lebara mobile phone # from abroad: (1)From North America: dial 011-33-6XX-XXX-XXX (that is, your 9-digit mobile # started with 6, ignore starting 0) (2) From all other countries: dial 00-33-6XX-XXX-XXX (Note: 33 is the country code for France).


  • 15c connection fee (start tariff) for every call
  • Voice mail access for 15c/ min. (Dial 2345 from your Lebara phone to access your voice mail)
  • Common rate in below, in comparison to USA wireless carriers roaming in France. For detail and most updated rate, please click here. Last update:2/05/2013。
Country Lebara local or direct Intl dial (€/min) USA AT&T intl' roaming (per min) USA T-mobile intl' roaming (per min)
Lebara-to-Lebara (France) 0.09 (Free for 7days after a €5 recharge, or until 11/30/2012) €1.04 USD$1.39) €1.04 USD$1.39)
Other France landline or mobile phone 0.15 €1.04 (USD$1.39) €1.11 (USD$1.49)
France text message 0.10  (Free for Lebara to Lebara for 7days after a €5 recharge, or until 11/30/2012) €1.04 USD$1.39) €1.11 (USD$1.49)
USA/ Canada 0.05 €1.04 (USD$1.39)+ Intl' fee may apply €1.11 (USD$1.49)+ Intl' fee may apply
UK landline / mobile 0.01 / 0.19 €1.04 (USD$1.39)+ Intl' fee may apply €1.11 (USD$1.49)+ Intl' fee may apply
Germany landline/ mobile 0.01 / 0.19 €1.04 (USD$1.39)+ Intl' fee may apply €1.11 (USD$1.49)+ Intl' fee may apply
Australia landline / mobile 0.01 / 0.17 €1.04 (USD$1.39)+ Intl' fee may apply €1.11 (USD$1.49)+ Intl' fee may apply
China  landline / mobile 0.01 / 0.06 €1.04 (USD$1.39)+ Intl' fee may apply €1.11 (USD$1.49)+ Intl' fee may apply
Hong Kong landline / mobile 0.01 / 0.06 €1.04 (USD$1.39)+ Intl' fee may apply €1.11 (USD$1.49)+ Intl' fee may apply
Taiwan landline / mobile 0.01 /0.17 €1.04 (USD$1.39)+ Intl' fee may apply €1.11 (USD$1.49)+ Intl' fee may apply
Text message (domestic/ international) 0.10/ 0.15 €0.74 (USD$0.99) USD$ 0.5 sent/ USD$ 0.2 receive

Note1: All international calls are charged per minute, all national calls are charged per second.
Note2: Special offers provided by Lebara may save you even more money. These promotional offers are subject to change without notification.

International Roaming Rate

Lebara France SIM can roam in multiple countries, including all EU countries. Please note that only voice service is available while roaming. Receiving SMS is free, but out-going SMS service is NOT available while roaming.
Connection fee (per call) for international call is €0.15. Roaming rates (Tariffs) : (Please click here for the most updated roaming rates for all countries. table in below last updated on 10/22/2012)

When you are in Place a call Receive a call
EU countries € 0.28/min to EU countries and €1.49~€2.99/min to Non-EU countries € 0.08/min
USA/Canada € 2.99/min (to the same country) €2.99/min
Australia/ New Zealand € 2.99/min (to the same country) €2.99/min
East Asia regions (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea...etc) € 2.99/min (to the same country) €2.99/min

Please note:  Lebara France top up vouchers are ONLY sold in France. If you are traveling in other countries, you must top up the account before leaving the France. (unless you have internet access to purchase top up online at, or a France credit card to add credit on line.

How to make calls while roaming in other countries: dial 00-(country code)-(area code and/or phone number). For example, to call a USA phone # 987-654-3210, dial 00-1-987-654-3210. To call other Lebara France phone # (whether he is traveling with you or still in France), dial 00-33-6XXXXXXXX (ignore the 1st "0")

Data packages

Package Cost data allowed Validity SMS content confirming SMS canceling SMS content
500MB data 5€ 500MB 30 days WEB500 WEB500*OUI WEB500*STOP
1GB data 8€ 1 GB 30 days WEB1Go WEB1Go*OUI WEB1G0*STOP
3GB Data 15€ 3 GB 30 days WEB3Go WEB3Go*OUI WEB3G0*STOP
10 day talk+3GB 10€ 3GB 10 days illim10 illim10*OUI illim10*STOP
30day talk+5GB 14.99€ 5GB 30 days illim15 illim15*OUI illim15*STOP
  • Send above SMS content to 22241. You will receive a confirmation SMS, you must reply to confirmation SMS to 22241 to confirm subscribing the package.
  • It may take up to 24 hours to get the data pack effective. The usual wait time is around 5-6 hours. If you want immediately data connection right after landing on France, please select our Orange sim.
  • You can enable personal hot spot to share data to other devices such as an i-Pad or a laptop.
  • If you reach the allowed data limit, your account will be debited directly for the next data package. If you don't need data packages any more, please unsubscribe it by SMS
  • Each €5 top up gives you 7day free 50MB internet
  • There are several ways to set up your phone for Lebara's internet service
    • Most smartphones will automatically configure itself upon connected to Lebara network. No need to set up.
    • If your phone does NOT automatically set up, please visit Lebara's help desk for internet service
    • Or visit this website to enter your mobile phone number, click "Go", and then enter your cell phone make and model. You will receive Lebara's free SMS with a confirmation code. Come back to enter that code and your phone will be set.
    • Or you can manually go to your phones cellular data/ mobile data setting and create a new APN:, username:  wap, leave password and all others blank.
  • Alternatively, you can use third-party APP like "tweakker" to configure your APN (simply search for "tweakker" in Google Play Store, or Apple store, Download, install it. Plug in your Lebara France SIM follow its step-by-step instruciton to complete APN configuration.)
  • To check data usage, dial 2323 and follow voice instruction
  • Lebara currently does NOT support blackberry smartphones
  • Free internet offer upon each top up may be cancelled without notice. For updated information, please visit Lebara's official website.

Expiration date

  • 90 days from the last top up date, last call or last SMS sent, the account will be suspended and all credit will be expired.
  • You may top up your account in the next 90 days to re-activate your account, but the credit will not be back. If you don't top up your account during this 90 days, the account will be canceled entirely.

Top up:

  • Revisit our store and purchase 5€ Lebara topup pincodes.
  • Lebara top up vouchers can be purchased in wireless stores, grocery stores, supermarkets, gas stations......etc.. 
  • After acquiring the PIN, dial 2323 from your cell phone, follow the voice prompts to enter your PIN code.
  • If you have a France credit card, you can register on Lebara mobile-France website with auto-top up.

Check Balance:

Dial 2323 from you handset and then press SENT or OK. Your balance will appear on the screen.

User's guide

Lebara France user's guide (French and English) can be download from Lebara France website.

Customer service:

Dial 2323 from your handset. Free of charge while connecting. Once connected, the cost is €0.20 per call . 9AM to 9PM daily.
Dial 0811 29 2323 if you call from landlines. Calls charged at your service provider's rate. (Free waiting call then 0.15 euros a minute)