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US T-Mobile SIM $10, pay as you go

Available Options:
Arrival City and State, province: required
Departure date from home country: (mm/dd/yyyy)Calendar required
Add airtime credit:
Add i-Card: international pinless phonecard
Check, if want to activate NOW: Please see "expiration date"
My SIM card size is: iPhone4->Micro; iPhone5->Nano
check, if using HTC ONE X:

T-Mobile prepaid Pay as you go (by minute)  

  • T-Mobile Pay as you go (Pay by minute),US$0.1-0.33 any time; the more you refill at once, the lower the rate.
  • For frequently calling internationally (call to out-side of USA), please visit our T-mobile Monthly Plan , with which $60 allows you to call over 200 countries' landlines for free, and with unlimited web browsing!!;
  • T-Mobile network covers every states in the USA, include Hawaii, Alaska, and even Puerto Rico!
  • We will activate the SIM card for you. All you need to do is insert the SIM and talk!


T-Mobile is one of the largest Nationwide carrier in the US. Its network covers most parts of the USA. You can check T-mobile coverage with the address you're interested in staying.

How to use

Make sure that your phone covers GSM 850/1900 frequency (If you bought your phone outside of USA or Canada, you will need a GSM quad-band phone). When you are in the USA, turn your phone one and the banner "T-mobile" should show up., and then you are ready to make calls. Click here for detail instruction


One new T-mobile USA SIM card, with $10 credit activated by us 3 days before the "departure date" you entered.
You can add more credit to enjoy the lower calling rate.
All credit purchase together with the SIM will be added to the account when we activate the SIM.


Pay as you go users will become a "gold member" when you refill $100
  • Calling rate (both out-going and incoming calls) is US$0.1-0.33, directly deducted from your account balance.  There is NO charge on the days you don't use it.
    • If you are NOT a Gold Member
    • Refill (US$) add minutes Average cost per minute (US$) extend your account for (days)
      10 30 0.33 90
      25 130 0.19 90
      50 400 0.13 90
      100 (Become a gold member now) 1000 0.10 365
    • If you are a Gold Member
    • Refill (US$) add minutes Average cost per minute (US$) extend your account for (days)
      10 35 0.29 365
      25 150 0.17 365
      50 460 0.11 365
      100 1000 0.10 365
    • For making international calls, please purchase Dynasky eCard. Your only need to add as little as $0.02/min (depends on where you call to) for making an international call.

Other rates

  • Text message: $0.10 to send  and $0.05 to receive. International text message is $0.35/each to send, $0.05 to receive.
  • Multi-media messages($0.25/each to send or receive)
  • Download ringtones, desktop, apps and games or any other software: price varies depends on what you download.
  • 411 phone connection service ($1.49 per call plus by minute rate)
  • T-mobile direct international dial ( Please check international rates first). Except calling to Canada,  most direct international calls are $US1.50/ min or more. We recommend to purchase Dynasky eCard if you need to make international calls.

Data usage

Pay as you go users are not allow to access T-mobile data service. Please purchase Pay by the day, or by month plans for using data.

International roaming

  • T-mobile prepaid offers international roaming services in multiple countries, include Canada ($0.59/min) and Mexico ($1.79/min).
  • When roaming internationally, sending a text message is $0.50/each ( Except Canada, which is $0.10/each). Receiving a text message is $0.10/each.
  • NO international data roaming service.
  • For detail rate and how to use your T-mobile phone internationally, please visit T-mobile's official website.
  • Becasue T-mobile international roaming, please do NOT try your phone when you are outside of USA, nor make a test call before you arrive the US. International roaming fee (over $1.79/mini) may apply while you testing it!!!

Customer Service

Dial 611 from your T-mobile phone, or 1-877-778-2106 from any other phone.

Other notes:

  • Your phone number will be assigned ONLY AFTER the SIM is activated. We will email you the phone # upon activation. Your account and its credit is valid for 90 days after activation, and it can be extended by further refill.
  • Please enter your departure date wisely. We will activate the SIM 0~3 days before that date,  so that your SIm won't expires too soon and you can know the phone # before your flight. You may select "activate it NOW" to know your phone # within 24hr, but please beware the 90day expiration period.We are NOT responsible for your error in date calculation.
  • Please provide arrive city and state, so that we can assign you a local phone #. All T-mobile prepaid plan has the same rate, nationwide regardless which states you are in , what area code you have. Thus, if your arrival city don't have an available new T-mobile phone #, we will assign you an area code of Los Angeles , CA.
  • Please make sure that your GSM phone covers 850/1900 frequency. You may need to manually adjust it.
  • If you do NOT refill your account 45 days after the expiration date, your account will be completely canceled and you will need to buy a new SIM card, receive a new phone # next time.
Current Reviews: 6
For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 11 February, 2009.
Reviews more
by 楊*琪 M*g*i* *e*n*
No signal at all in Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, and Gilroy. Couldn't hear caller voice. In San Franciso, the line worked fine.
1 of 5 Stars!
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