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Australia 28 Days SIM Card -Unlimited Calls/ SMS, Internet Data +International Call (Optus Network)

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  • Australia Nationwide Coverage with Optus Network.
  • Pay as you go Prepaid SIM Card, AUD$40 International call credit
  • 15 or 20GB High Speed internet data, service will be terminated when internet data or international call credit has been used up
  • Pre-activation registration required, Please submit the activation request 3 days before departure.

Australia Prepaid SIM


Unlimited Voice, Text, 15/20GB Internet Data + AUD$40 International Call Credit

Coverage Australia Nation-wide
Plan length 28 Days plan
Feature 1. Talk and Text
2. Mobile internet data hotspot sharing & tethering supported
3. Tricut SIM card fits all unlocked phone models 
4. Usage instrcutions included in package
Specifications Require 4G cell phone that supports 1800/2300 Mhz frequenciees
Phone Number Your service will be activated on your requested date. Please make sure you submit the activation form 3 days before departure and you will get the activation confirmation with your local number before departure.
FAQ 1. For Dual SIM devices, please insert the SIM in slot 1 to prevent malfunctions.
2. Only insert the SIM card when you arrived in AU, allow 3 minutes for your device to connect to the local network.
3. Please make sure your mobile internet setting are as instructed in package (Correct APN settings and mobile data, data roaming feature turned on.
4. Delete any other foreign APN settings to avoid service malfunction
Special Notice 1. Voice and text will not be cut off even the 500MB/day data is used up
2. Based on the「Fair Usage Policy」, please be aware of your mobile internet data usage to avoid service restrictions. (Turn off Auto update and avoid video streaming applications)
3. Please contact AEROBILE or your seller for customer support, Optus customer support does not work for this product
4. Actual network coverage and reception will depend on Optus Australia
6. AEROBILE reserves the right to
Contact Email: support@aerobile.com 
USA Office:+1-281-407-0149



李*力 P*i*L* *I This review is rewarded with discount coupon

Very good 4G connection speed. Very easy to use. Just pop in the SIM card and off you go. After using it for one week, no problem found whatsoever. Great value, highly recommended!

2018-08-26 18:05:14