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Canada Telus SIM 28 days unlimited talk and text, with data packages: Aerobile activation

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30-day plan

card(original price)NT$1,000NT$950
Other Fees0
Offline PriceNT$1,000
Online Price NT$950

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  • Tules is one of the largest wireless carrier in Canada. This products covers all provinces in Canada for all voice, text message and data services.
  • multiple options of plans that suit your need

Canada Telus prepaid SIM


Canada Telus prepaid plans

Coverage Canada Nationa-wide
billing cycles 30 days (We activate your service 2 days prior to your departure, so it will be only 28 days for the first billing cycle.)
  • Plan A:CAD$30 1GB data
  • Plan B:CAD$35 2GB data
  • Plan C:CAD$50 5GB data
  • Plan D:CAD$65 8GB data

*No hotspot sharing allowed
**once allowed data (above) depleted, your data service will stop until your purchased additional data packs. Your voice and SMS serivce will continue throughout the current billing cycle
voice and SMS Unlimited within Canada (in all provinces)
Int'l calls/SMS Free int'l SMS. For international calls Please check rates here (additional credit required to make international calls.
Recharge To recharge your account for continuous usage after 1st month, please visit our Telus prepaid recharge page.
Handset requirement
  • Please use 4G/5G phones manufactured after 2016
  • This SIM can only be used in mobile phones. It does NOT support WiFi Router or tablets.
  • Please check if your phone is manufactured in or after 2016. Older phones may have competibility issues.
  • If you are not sure about phone competibilty, please send us the make and model of your phone. We can check it for you.
Coverage Telus coverage
Coverage in major cities like Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoris, Montreal is generally well. If you are visiting a remote area in Canada, please check Telus coverage before purchase.
Configuration Your phone will auto-configure upon first connection to a local tower
Mobile number We will activate your SIM card 2 days prior to your departure date and notify you your mobile number by email. Please make sure you entered correct email address and departure date.
Important notes 1、Please do NOT test your SIM before arriving Canada. The carrier may charge you for roaming fee or even suspend/ lock your account if unusual event detected. (e.g. high roaming fee.)
2、Once the SIM is activated, we cannot refund or exchange your SIM.
3、In the rare case that the SIM did not work as expected, please contact us immediately. We can help you trouble shooting the issue while you are still in Canada.
4、For trouble shooting, please provide all necessary information, including your order ID, mobile number, phone's make and model, phone setting screenshots, and detail of the problem you encountered.
5、Fair use policy applies. If the network detects end users is using higher-than-usual network resource, you may experience slower data connection or even service disruption.
Customer Service 1、Dial 1-855-886-0505 if you are in Canada
2、Aerobile customer service line in Taiwan:+886-2-7730-3111
3、You can also email us at: support@aerobile.com