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USA AT&T AirVoice SIM card 30 days data + unlimited calls

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international pinless phonecard

card(original price)US$12.00
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  • AT&T AirVoice simcard gives the best voice&data package with $2 i-Card bonus
  • AT&T network covers most of the main areas in the States
  • Simcard in all sizes available, including macro, micro and nano sim
  • Simcard comes with user instruction
  • Ready to use upon your arrival

Special Notice

  • Samsung E7 cannot receive 3G/4G signal in USA and only supports 2G(128K) service
  • AT&T AirVoice 28-day Plans

    Plan Cost Tariff
    Plan A $20 50MB 4G LTE data and 50MB reduced speed data
    unlimited US domestic calls and international SMS
    Plan B $30 500MB 4G LTE data and 500MB reduced speed data
    unlimited US domestic calls and international SMS
    Plan C $50 2.5GB 4G LTE data and 2.5GB reduced speed data
    unlimited US domestic calls, international SMS and calls to landlines in other countries
    Internet data cannot be shared by hotsport tethering
    For cheaper international calls, please see i-Card

    SIM Activation

    • Aerobile will activate the sim and notify you with the US phone number a day before your departure
    • When you arrive in the destination, insert the sim into your device. Your phone should receive the signal in 3 minutes
    • Once activated, please follow the instructions below

    SIM Instructions

    • Once the simcard received local signal, you can make phone calls and receive SMS
    • Most of the phone can automatically configure the Internet settings
      If your phone does not work automatically, please follow the APN settings below
      • APN name: AirVoice
      • APN: att.mvno
      • Restart the device to start using Internet
    • Voice Calls
      • To dial a USA phone number: Dial as local people with the full USA phone number
      • To make an international call: dial 00+country code+ phone number (omit the 1st "0", if there is one)
      • Your friends and family to call you: dial 001-your USA mobile number. This will be a standard international mobile phone call. Please refer to your local phone carrier for rate or any other calling detail
    • If you have any problem using the simcard, please contact us
      • AT&T AirVoice customer service: 888-944-2355
      • Aerobile customer service: +886-2-7730-3111
      • Aerobile e-mail support: support@aerobile.com

    Balance Checking

    • To check your balance, please dial *777# from your phone
    • Refill is available at local supermarkets, gas stations, post office and other stores (tax may vary from States). You can also refill via Aerobile AT&T AirVoice Refill
    • The sim is valid for 7 days after the 28-day plan ends and will expire if not refilled within the period. Each refill extends the duration for 30-120 days depending on the value added


    • To check the network coverage in your destination, please search on AT&T AirVoice Map

    Terms and Conditions(Please read before purchase)

    • Please prepare a GSM 4G LTE 850/1900Mhz handset
    • Samsung E7 cannot receive 3G/4G signal in USA and only supports 2G(128K) service
    • AeroBile always do our best to keep the rates and other information up to date. If there's any changes, please confirm on the local service providers' official website
    • AeroBile can only offer you with the setting information. We will try our best but do not guarantee that every phone can connect to the service
    • Any connection failure due to bad weather or rural area is the responsibility of local service provider. AeroBile will try our best to reflect your issue to the supplier but cannot compensate the possible damage or loss
    • Please inform us if any loss, error or failure happened on your device. We will try our best to fix the problem and give you a pleasant mobile communication experience



    R*y*o*d T*n*

    Dear Sir

    Could I use the 3G/LTE data connection for

    Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S2 ? Seems that they both not support ASW 1700

    Need for 14 days in USA

    In addtion, could I say IPhone 5s is ok? That one will be used for 7 days in Atlanta

    Right now, I target on the Tmobile one, any advice?


    2014-09-05 18:48:37

    Yes, it can be used on Galaxy Note II / Galaxy S2 / IPhone 5s.



    Plan A 100Mb + 400Mb data, that is total 500Mb data? and what is i-card used for?

    2014-05-04 03:19:52

    Yes, it has 500MB data service. If you want to make an international calling, you can buy i-card to save money.



    Does it mean that I need to pay $18 for this card and choose the plans you have?
    Ex. If I choose a $30 plan, I have to pay $48(include the $18 card) and can't use 3G.
    If I choose a $35 plan, I will have to pay $53 and get only 100MB for surfing the Internet in 30 days?

    2013-06-02 16:40:33

    Yes, US$18 is simcard price. Plan B ($35) can use 100MB for 3G speed in 30 days.



    what city is the number that I get based in?

    does it matter if I'm traveling around the US in different city? does it work nationwide?

    2013-04-27 17:29:44

    Please provide one of traveling cities, we need it to act simcard for you. Then you can using it around the US in different city for the same rate plan (Unlimited talk/text to another US phone number in 30 days).



    What network does this card use?

    2013-04-27 15:19:59

    Hi, It used AT&T Wireless network.