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USA/Canada/Mexico T-mobile short-term SIM(15-28day). Unlimited data, talk, and text!

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Does it work with Oppo A77 and Samsung s8?

2019-07-21 23:25:42


OPPO頻段有缺(不建議),Samsung S8有支援。



v*j*y* *u*a* *i*u*u

Does it work with HTC Desire 825?

2019-03-04 13:20:05

No, it didn't work with HTC Desire 825. Unlocked cell phone needs 4G/LTE: FDD1900(B2),FDD1700(B4),FDD700 (B12) MHz to use T-Mobile Network.



Sony XPERIA Z3可以用嗎?

2018-07-14 09:54:43

您好,由於Z3 有細分不同型號,建議您至手機設定內的"關於手機",了解自己手機的詳細型號,以下連結供您查詢手機是否支援https://www.taiwanmobile.com/cs/public/query4GBandResult.htm



Zenfone 3,
Oppo A57

2018-07-01 15:52:47

Zenfone 3,Oppo A57手機頻段皆不適用T-Mobile網路需求,請改參考AT&T網路系統的Net10(https://www.aerobile.com/eshop/tw/-p-559.html)


丁*雯 T*n H*i*o*W*n

請問 Asus ZenFone Go 可用嗎?

2018-04-15 12:52:26

此產品建議手機有支援4G LTE FDD 1700 1900頻段

您提供的手機只有支援4G LTE FDD 850


R*b*n G*o This review is rewarded with discount coupon

We used this in Seattle most of time. The data service (coverage and speed) was great. I think it is worthy of the price.

2019-07-19 07:04:32

李*鵬 Y*a*-*e*n L*e This review is rewarded with discount coupon

I used this card in LA and it works great.
I made a few phone calls and the quality was great.
I also used the internet at the airport or on the road, The speed is not super fast, but quite adequate for my usage.
Overall, I think this is an excellent choice for the short-term visit.

2019-03-02 18:02:58

張*庭 y*c This review is rewarded with discount coupon

HTC M10 可以在美國使用.4G收訊不差

2019-01-28 14:39:21

詹*穎 S*r*h

We used this SIM card in Vancouver Canada and for some reason it didn't work well with my iphone 7. I tried shutting down and turning back on a few times and it didn't work. Fortunately it worked with our iphone 6 except there were a few times it had glitches during the week especially when it was in North Van. Tried switching wireless carrier manually as what was suggested by the customer representative but Telus (as what was the default chosen byt the SIM) was the only one that worked anyway in North Vancouver. Not sure if it was Telus' problem. Overall this SIM didn't feel as consistently reliable as the one i used last time in May (when i was in South Africa). But given the price difference it is acceptable!

2018-06-29 08:57:35

許*維 H*U H*I*O W*I This review is rewarded with discount coupon

This solution for me was awesome! I went to Texas for 2 weeks, and my connection flights were all in Canada. No matter I was waiting for connection flights or driving in Texas, the high speed LTE network made me feel great! No delays or bad signal reception. I highly recommend anyone who plans to travel to the U.S would choose the Aerobile solutions. It won't let you down!

2018-06-22 05:36:36