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China 5 days data-only SIM (2GB per day)

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This product is currently only available in Taiwan.



HI ,

I am reseller from India.. I am looking forward for sim card solution for China and Hongkong.
considering my every client will call back to India and will use 500 MB to 1Gb data services for their 7-15 days trip to China and hongkong.

please provide me proposal which clearly determines costing involved ,activation process , recharge process also exactly what amount of credit is being offered under sim card purchased on to that how much minutes can my clients call back to India and what amount for data pack they can opt.

2015-10-01 20:22:29

We have data SIMs that works in both HK and China ready. For voice, we'll have to look into the best option for India.

We'll email some more details soon.

Thanks for being interested with our products.



賴*臣 L*i , Y* *H*N This review is rewarded with discount coupon


2019-12-23 17:04:14