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    Top up your UK Lycamobile account so you can enjoy more low cost calls in the UK.

    This £5 topup is for a UK Lycamobile account.

    You can use non-UK credit cards, paypal to do payment.

    Immediately voucher numbers (pincodes) release. No matter rainy or windy, you don't have to go to a store to top up.

    How to top up:

    1. Dial *131*13 digit voucher number#, and press OK/SEND. Or,
    2. Dial 321 and follow the voice prompts and enter your voucher number.


    Some tariffs are listed below. Rates are subject to change.  See more and updated rate here:    PS:1 £ = 100 pence (p) ~ 1.6 USD ~ 13 HKD. Last Update: 2012/04/10

    Country Lycamobile Direct dial, p/min AT&T roaming Hongkong Hutchison Three Roaming
    Lycamobile in-net free (promotion until 04/30/2012) 40p 40p
    UK landline 5p 40p 40p
    UK mobile 10p 40p 40p
    UK text 10p 40p 40p
    USA/Canada 5p 100-200p 200p
    France (landline/Mobile) 5p/ 19p 100-200p 200p
    Germany 5p/ 19p 100-200p 200p
    Ireland 5p/ 19p 100-200p 200p
    Hongkong landline 1p 100p-200p 200p
    Hongkong mobile 3p 100-200p 200p
    Taiwan landline 4p 100p-200p 200p
    Taiwan mobile 9p 100-200p 200p
    China 1p 100-200p 200p
    International text 12p 20p 30p



    am travelling to france. can i activate it and us it there to call other french mobile phones. what would it cost per minute. can i add minutes by computer. thanks

    2013-03-11 19:46:48

    If you need to use phones in France, please either buy a French Lebara SIM card: (this is for talking only, no internet)

    or buy a France Orange SIM card:
    (this is for internet service)

    You can buy airtime credit on line from us.