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Japan KDDI 5G Data-only simcard-Unlimitede 1-15 days

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I bought a KDDI unlimited sim for 2 days because I was unable to use 5G roaming in Japan with my home provider. There were some issues with signing up, such as PayPal payment status showing up as pending even though my payment had went through. Thankfully, their Line support was quick and responsive and they quickly sent me an eSIM. However, the eSIM was a Softbank SIM that was only 5GB, instead of unlimited. That wasn't a huge deal since I got it fixed quickly by contacting their LINE support again. The KDDI 5G sim was fast and I tested max speeds of 2gbps over KDDI mmwave in Osaka. Overall I would recommend if you are traveling in Japan for a short amount of time, but there might be some complications involved with signing up.

2024-06-17 15:16:31

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2024-04-05 12:56:43

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2024-04-04 14:19:02

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2024-01-17 11:19:58