UK Lebara topup £5

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    Top up your UK Lebara Mobile account so you can enjoy more low cost calls in the UK.

    This £5 topup is for a UK Lebara mobile account.

    You can use non-UK credit cards, paypal to do payment.

    Immediately voucher numbers (pincodes) release. No matter rainy or windy, you don't have to go to a store to top up.

    How to top up:

    1. Dial *#1345*12 digit voucher number#, and press send.
    2. Dial 5588 and follow the voice prompts and enter your voucher number.
    3. We can top up for you. Extra fee 1.5 USD applies. It may take 24 hours to complete the process.


    Some tariffs are listed below. Rates are subject to change.  See more and updated rate here:    PS:1 £ = 100 pence (p) ~ 1.6 USD ~ 13 HKD. Last Update: 2011/07/01

    Country Lebara Direct dial, p/min AT&T roaming Hongkong Hutchison Three Roaming
    Lebara in-net 100 free minutes. 40p 40p
    UK landline 5p 40p 40p
    UK mobile 10p 40p 40p
    UK text 5p 40p 40p
    Hongkong landline 1p 100p-200p 200p
    Hongkong mobile 3p 100-200p 200p
    Taiwan landline 4p 100p-200p 200p
    Taiwan mobile 10p 100-200p 200p
    US, Canada 5p 100-200p 200p
    China 4p 100-200p 200p
    International text 10p 20p 30p
    Data 15p/1MB 80p/1MB 100p/1MB


    W*l*i*m C*l*i*s

    I have a sim card from last year can I just top this card up to get it reactivated or do I have to get a new Card.

    2017-01-23 12:18:28

    The sim is valid for 80 days after activation and will expire if not refill within 80 days. Each refill will extend the sim for further 80 days.


    Free info like this is an apple from the tree of knweoldge. Sinful?

    2016-02-03 15:50:49

    Thanks for your comment