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UK London Oyster card with £20 credit

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card(original price)NT$1,584NT$1,534
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Offline PriceNT$1,370
Online Price NT$1,320

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  • London Oyster Card and UK Three simcard give you the best travel experience in London
  • Visitor Oyster Card with £20 credit. Can be used for traveling on London underground, bus and selective train lines
  • Ready to use upon your arrival

Oyster Card Valid Area

  • Only valid in London
  • Valid for zone1-6 underground, overground, buses and TFL trains (fares for outside zone 6 may requires more credit)
  • Valid to travel to and from Heathrow Airpot and Gatwick Airport
  • Not valid to travel to Stansted Airport and Luton Airport

Oyster Card Visitor Plan

    To see full map of London tube, please see London Tube Map

  • Travel card designed for visitors' needs. Special discount on single fare. Daily cap for unlimited rides within each zone
  • £20 valid to use for traveling with underground, overground, buses and TFL trains in London
2016 Daily Cap
Zone 1 - 2 Zone 1 - 3 Zone 1 - 4 Zone 1 - 5 Zone 1 - 6 Zone 1 - 9
£6.5 £7.6 £9.3 £11.0 £11.8 £16.9
*Single fare for underground and overground: Off-peak £2.4-£4.1, peak hours £2.4-£7.0 per journey
*For more detailm, please see Single Fare Finder
*Single fare for buses and tram charges £1.5 per journey
*Emirate Air Line NOT included

Oyster Card Activation

  • London Visitor Oyster Card
    • No activation needed. Ready to use on arrival in London
  • Oyster Card Instructions

  • London Visitor Oyster Card
    • To pay for the journey, you must always use the Oyster Card to touch in at the start and out at the end of every journey you make on London Underground, Overground, DLR and TfL Rail
    • When travelling on a bus or tram you only need to touch in at the start of your journey
  • If you have any problem using Oyster Card, please contact us
    • Aerobile customer service: +886-2-7730-3111
    • Aerobile e-mail support: support@aerobile.com
  • Balance Checking

    • London Visitor Oyster Card
      • You can see the remaining balance on the screen when you touch out, or with the topup machine in every Underground Station
      • You can topup the Oyster Card by using any topup machine or convenient shops near the Underground Stations

    Terms and Conditions(Please read before purchase)

    • London Visitor Oyster Card is only valid in London and cannot be used in other cities in the UK
    • Please do not place London Visitor Oyster Card with other cards such as bank cards
    • To check the latest update on London transport, please see Transport For London
    • AeroBile always do our best to keep the rates and other information up to date. If there's any changes, please confirm on Transport For London