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USA T-mobile SIM card Ultra 180 days unlimited text, call, int'l and optional data plans

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card(original price)NT$350NT$300
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Offline PriceNT$350
Online Price NT$300

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  • Ultra prepaid SIM offers you 2GB high speed data and unlimited US domestic calls,unlinited international calling
  • T-Mobile network covers most of the main cities in the States
  • Simcard in all sizes available, including standard, micro and nano SIM
  • Simcard comes with user instruction
  • Ready to use upon your arrival

Special Notice

  • Please note that Samsung E7 cannot receive 3G/4G signal in USA and only supports 2G(128K) service
  • Ultra 12-day Plan

    Plan Duration Tariff
    Ultra 12-day plan 12 days (can extend max 3 days) 2GB high speed data and unlimited data in reduced speed
    unlimited talk and text in USA
    unlimited internation landing call(conutry list)
    Internet data cannot be shared by hotspot tethering

    Receive calls Free
    Calls to US domestic numbers Free
    Domestic/International SMS Free
    Calls to Taiwan landline/mobile phone with i-Card US$0.03/US$0.15 per min
    *Voice calls are charged by minutes and will count as soon as entered voice machine
    *International calls are charged after 30 seconds whether the person answered or not
    *The SIM does not support roaming outside the USA

    SIM Activation

    • Aerobile will activate the SIM and notify you the US phone number a day before your departure
    • When you arrive in the destination, insert the SIM into your device. Your phone should receive the signal in 3 minutes
    • Once activated, please follow the instructions below

    SIM Instructions

    • Once the simcard received local signal, you can make phone calls and receive SMS
    • Most of the phone can automatically configure the Internet settings
      If your phone does not work automatically, please check instruction
    • Voice Calls
      • To dial a USA phone number: Dial as local people with the full USA phone number
      • To make an international call: dial 00+country code+ phone number (omit the 1st "0", if there is one)
      • Your friends and family to call you: dial 001-your USA mobile number. This will be a standard international mobile phone call. Please refer to your local phone carrier for rate or any other calling detail
    • If you have any problem using the simcard, please contact us
      • Ultra customer service from US landline: 888-777-0446
      • Ultra customer service from US mobile phone: 611
      • Aerobile customer service: +886-2-7730-3111
      • Aerobile e-mail support: support@aerobile.com

    Ultra Network Coverage

    Please note that areas below may not have ideal signal

    • Montana
    • North Dakota
    • South Dakota
    • Nebraska
    • West Virginia
    • Alaska
    • For more info, please see Ultra Coverage Map

    Terms and Conditions(Please read before purchase)

    • Please prepare a GSM 4G LTE 1700/2100 MHz AWS(Band 4)/1900 MHz PCS(Band 2)/700 MHz(Band 12) Mhz handset
    • Samsung E7 cannot receive 3G/4G signal in USA and only supports 2G(128K) service
    • T-mobile network does not cover areas below: Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, West Virginia, Alaska
    • AeroBile always do our best to keep the rates and other information up to date. If there's any changes, please confirm on the local service providers' official website
    • AeroBile can only offer you with the setting information. We will try our best but do not guarantee that every phone can connect to the service
    • Any connection failure due to bad weather or rural area is the responsibility of local service provider. AeroBile will try our best to reflect your issue to the supplier but cannot compensate the possible damage or loss
    • Please inform us if any loss, error or failure happened on your device. We will try our best to fix the problem and give you a pleasant mobile communication experience

    update on:2017.Jul.12


    C*i K*a* *s*n*

    The data amount is unlimited, but what about the speed? How many GB of high speed does this provide? What is difference between this card and GoSmart-USD-29 plan? Thx for answering.

    2016-04-20 22:04:28

    Ultra 12 Days Plan first 1GB was high speed, when it over will be 2G speed unlimited data.



    周*廷 L*-*i*g C*o* This review is rewarded with discount coupon


    2022-04-27 19:51:14

    林*聖 A*S*E*G L*N This review is rewarded with discount coupon

    It's my first to use a SIM card in the US. This Ultra card is clear, stable, and cheap, which totally satisfies my demands. I highly recommend the person will travel in the US to use this one. Also, the customer service is excellent. When I got some troubles with no ideas how to make a call from the US to Taiwan by my cell phone, I sent an email message from my notebook to the service guy, I also immediately received the response and the problem is solved.

    2017-08-01 08:03:34

    曾*豪 C*u* *a* *s*n*

    Good connection and speed 95% of the time, even when my 4G traffic is used up, at 3G it is still pretty good.

    2017-07-19 17:38:54