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    UK Three Voice+Data SIM Card with 12/36GB Data+ 3000 min voice + 3000 SMS

    Cost effective choice for mobile data access across Europe


    • Include Data, talk and text access like local users. Service activation in 24hours after top-up.(Pre-loaded plan SIM card also available)
    • In addition to data access, it also gives you 3000 min voice talk and 3000 SMS.
    • No contract, no activation fee, no registration, and no more waiting!
    • Just plug in you SIM when you arrive in Europe and you're ready to go.
    • Valid for 30/90 days, top-up available.


    Please visit UK Three's official website to check network coverage.

    How to use:

    • Cell phone/ USB modem requirement: Unlocked and with 2100 MHz WCDMA.
    • When you arrived in Europe, plug in the SIM card into your cell phone and turn it on.
    • Phone/ Modem settings: Most cell phone and modems can auto-configured itself. If not, below is for manual configurations.
      • APN:
      • username: [ leave it blank ]
      • password:  [ leave it blank ]
      • MMS proxy:
      • MMS proxy port: 8799.
    • Alternative configuration:
      • APN: 3internet
      • username: leave it blank ]
      • password:  leave it blank ]

    Top up/ Recharge

    1. Visit local wireless sotre, supermarket, or gas station and purchase "3" top up vouchers there.
    2. dial 444 from your phone, or call 07782 333 444, follow the voice instruction to enter your top up voucher number.
    3. Alternatively, you can register your mobile account at "My3" website with your UK credit card and select "Topup My account".

    Customer Service

    • Contact UK Three customer service at  0800 358 8460。

    Balance check

    Dial +44 7782 333 555 to hear your remaining balance.