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    Top-up your Nomi-mobile so you can enjoy even more low cost calls from the UK.

    This £5 refill (top up) is for a UK nomi-mobile.

    To refill, buy the PIN, and dial 321 from your handset.

    or we can refill your account for you (please allow up to 24 hours).


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    I bought my UK Nomi-mobileSIM card from Aerobile on Dec. 1, 2010. I will be travelling again to the UK late next month and would like to keep this same phone number. If I ask Aerobile to top up my card, will I have the same UK number for another 180 days? Thank you.

    2011-04-21 17:19:25

    Yes. We can top up it for you, to extend the expiration date for 180 days.




    I purchased two Nomi Mobile sim cards from you on ebay for a trip we are taking in May. Will the top up code purchased here work to add funds to my account while I am still in the U.S. before my trip? We are going to other places in Europe prior to heading to the UK and I would like to use my Nomi Mobile cell in the other countries prior to arriving in the UK and being able to purchase top up cards. If the emailed code will not work when I am still in the U.S., would it work if I chose the option to have you add the funds to my account? Thank You.

    2011-04-11 20:45:59

    With a PIN code you purchased here, you can top up your account when you're still in the USA. However, top up from your phone in the USA will cost you one international text message. My recommendation is that let us top up for the credit you need in Non-UK countries, and you can purchase a few more PINs and top up by yourself when you're in the UK. (free from your cell phone when you're in the UK.)




    Hello. If I select the "Do it for me" option on the top up for this, will it continually top me up when I run out of funds? Likewise, if I do not choose that option, do I simply use the same pin number every time I top up?

    2010-09-15 16:58:24

    "do it for me" will be only for this particular order. Next time you will still need to purchase a new pin number, and do the topup (DIY or we do it for you).