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Europe Roaming Data+ Voice SIM (2GB Data) (UK293)

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When in the Netherlands can I do both incoming and outgoing calls and SMS to Dutch numbers?

When abroad (e.g. Germany) can I do both incoming and outgoing calls and unlimited SMS to Dutch numbers?

Receiving incoming calls from Dutch numbers outside Netherlands (e.g. Germany), how much does this cost?

Thank you for your assistance.

2017-10-23 14:37:56

Hi~when in the European Union Country, you can do both incoming and outgoing calls & SMS to Dutch numbers, in other words, you can dial 10-30 minutes call Dutch numbers,and pick up calls are free from European Union Country, No worries


plan to use phone in italy.
How much is outgoing calls to italy and u.s.?
Incoming calls from these places?

2017-07-31 23:28:18

In Italy, incoming calls is available.
Outgoing calls in not available.

Can't use in u.s. .



鍾*文 c*i*-*e* *h*n* This review is rewarded with discount coupon


2023-03-02 05:47:55