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    Latest News

    Why Aerobile ?

    Four Reasons To Choose Us

    Our Advantage: Airport Pick up
    Airport Pick up

    Provide Taoyuan and Kaohsiung airport pick up service, and quick purchase to provide the fastest 10 minutes after the fast order to pick up the airport, but not all products, if this demand, please contact with the company customer service.

    Our Advantage: Customer Service
    Customer Service

    Foreign prepaid card can be confusing for first-time users. We have a friendly and professional team here to answer all your questions. There are various ways to reach us, including phone line, store, e-mail, Facebook, etc.

    Our Advantage: Affordable Price
    Affordable Price

    Pricy cost is often the main concern for people using phone call or data roaming abroad. AeroBile products offer you affordable solutions only 1/10 the price of other telecom providers, allowing you to enjoy care-free international mobile services.

    Our Advantage: Fast Delivery
    Fast Delivery

    Apart from several retail stores, AeroBile also provide efficient delivery services for your online purchase. For customers in USA, you can receive the product within 3-5 days delivered by USPS. For customers from other parts of the world, the time needed may vary depending on EMS delivery.

    Customer Reviews

    Praise from Our Customers

    SIM card來的很快大概3~5天吧,客服也很有耐心回答我的問題,card使用起來很方便,我用iPhone XS Max,card插好一到當地就可以用了, btw 有附針(換sim card用的)

    a customer

    T-mobile的simple卡非常好用,我家小孩暑期參加美國的夏季學校,購買時,設定好抵達日期,小孩到了美國一下飛機,手機打開就能使用,讓家長無後顧之憂。在美國無論是上網、打電話都沒問題,非常方便。另外,購買前因為不瞭解各種產品的適用性,客服人員都很有耐心的回復問題並根據個人描述的需求推薦適當的產 ......

    a customer

    Good service 服務人員說明清楚 反應即時

    a customer


    a customer


    a customer