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Japan SoftBank 4G Data-only simcard rental (for less than 60 days)

  • Currently only available for customers in Taiwan

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Currently only available for customers in Taiwan

This product is currently only available for customers in Taiwan.


K*n*e*h L*o

Hi. I am also interested in a Japan Call card as I would be travelling there this end of the year. How many minutes will one pin allow me to call the Philippines while in Osaka? If I use the hotel phone, will I be charged by the hotel for the outgoing call if I dial 012something number? Thanks

2012-10-21 06:29:52

1.Call to Philippines from Osaka:45minutes(landing call) or 25minutes(mobile phone)

2."use the hotel phone"→ it may be charged by hotel, but we don't know how much will it cost. You can use public telephone.