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USA/Canada/Mexico T-mobile short-term SIM. Unlimited data, talk, and text!

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莊*龍 C*U*N* *E* *U*G This review is rewarded with discount coupon


2019-10-14 17:42:54

黃*舒 E*i* *u*n* This review is rewarded with discount coupon

6 Days Travel to Denver (Broomfield) and San Francisco(Bay Area / Fremont).
Signal is good in general except at certain corner of SFO.
4GB is far enough if you use company wifi at day time and consume the SIM data at night and weekend.
Local number helps when my flight delayed and I need to contact the hotel. Recommend with 4.8 Stars.

2019-10-02 00:33:10

李*慶 M*r*o L*e This review is rewarded with discount coupon

此次出差在San Francisco, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, and Washington DC訊號都很好,不過Ontario(CA)機場那附近訊號略差。整體還是很OK,下次出差還是會使用。另,T-Mobile門號搭Alaska Airlines艙內Wi-Fi贈送一小時,還不賴。

2019-09-30 17:06:21

王*翔 h*n*-*s*a*g w*n* This review is rewarded with discount coupon

主要在LA和Newport Beach移動。訊號良好,在高速公路上移動使用也很順暢。

2019-09-27 13:19:47

黃*林 L* *I* *U*N*

very frustrated, last night in motel nearby airport or now even in LAX airport, no internet connection at all. Phone calls are alright, but lots incoming sales call. actually I have complained this days ago, there was totally no signal when I was in yosemite. and now I am in urban areas, it shows me signal,but for no reason, there has no internet connection at all. my plan should cover until Aug31 TW time, now is Aug 29 pt time in USA. can you explain why?YOU ONLY ASKED me some images, I don't think this would help

2019-08-30 02:20:13