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German O2 sim w/30day Unlimited data (Laptop or phone) US$70.00

Available Options:
Departure date from home country: (mm/dd/yyyy)Calendar required
Add i-Card: international pinless phonecard
Add top up/ refill voucher:
My SIM card size is: iPhone4->Micro; iPhone5->Nano


Traveling to Germany for either business or pleasure? This SIM card offers you unlimited data access to instantly share business information back to your country, or let you share travel pictures in your social network on the go!
This SIM is coupled with a €30 top up PIN voucher, which can be used to purchase a 30 day unlimited data access package. You will have remaining €5 credit to make calls.  One SIM provide you both data access and voice service.  The rate for Germany local calls is less than 1/5 of bringing your own SIM to Germany for roaming. Also, it have unlimited free incoming calls, even at €0 balance!
With this SIM, you will never need to worry about ridiculous international roaming fee!

If you need (1) large amount of voice calls back to your home country, (2) Voice and data service at the same time (one SIM for voice, one SIM for data), or (3) only voice and SMS, no need for data service, please purchase our Vodafone SIM card or Lebara Germany SIM card to enjoy the low international calling rate from Germany.


  • Prepaid SIM, No contract, No monthly fee, No worry for over charges!
  • 30-day unlimited data access (after you book the data package). Never worry about hundreds or thousand dollar roaming fees any more!
  • Same simple calling rate any time, free unlimited incoming calls! (even at €0 balance!)
  • You get to know your Germany mobile phone number before your trip!

    Cell phone or 3G modem requirement:

    For North American users, please prepare a quad-band phone that support GSM900/1800MHz frequency. If you plan to use it on Laptop computers, please prepare a USB 3G modem that support GSM 900/1800 frequency (WAP / GPRS / UMTS / HSDPA). You may check your phone specs with your phone's user's manual, or check it online.

    How to purchase 30day Unlimited Data Package

    (Please note: Do NOT connect to the web until you successfully purchased the data package, or you will be charged at a very expensive pay per use rate.)

  • After arrive Germany, please use the €30 refill PIN we provided to top up your O2 account. (Dial *103*PIN code, followed by # and then <SEND/ OK>
  • Before connect to the web, purchase a €25 unlimited data package by sending two SMS( Please see below.  One to purchase, one to confirm the purchase). €25 will be deducted from your account and you now have 30day unlimited data access.
  • If you want to cancel it, send an SMS as in below. Please note: the data package will be auto-renewed every 30 days until your account is out of money. Please remember to cancel the package if you are not using it anymore.
  • For laptop data access, you must prepare your own USB 3G modem or wireless 3G modem/router. We can only provide you the GSM SIM card.
  •   Laptop or Smartphone
    30 day data package
    Cost (Euro)  25
    Data allowance  Unlimited
    3.5Ghigh-speed allowance (back to GPRS speed when exceed)  5 GB within 30 days
    Send SMS to 5667 (content as on the right)  start INTERNETL
    When receiving a request to confirm purchase, send another SMS  to 5667 (content as on the right)  ja INTERNETL
    To cancel: Send SMS to 5667  stop INTERNETL

    3G Modem adaptor configuration Laptop or Smartphone configuration WAP Traditional phone configuration
    Profile-name: O2 internet prepaid
     Number: *99#
     User-name: (Leave blank)
     Password: (Leave blank)
    DNS settings: Dynamic
    APN: (static)
    IP settings: Dynamic
    Authentication protocol: PAP
    WNS settings: Dynamic
    PDP type: IP
    Profile-name: O2 internet prepaid
     User-name: (Leave blank)
     Password: (Leave blank)
    Security: disabled
    start website:
    Profile-name: O2 Wap
    IP-port: WAP 1.0: 9201
    WAP 2.0: 8080

    Making a call

  • To call a Germany phone number, just dial the whole number as local Germany calls.
  • To make direct calls to your home country, dial 00-country code-area code-phone number (ignore 1st "0", if there is one) and then press <SEND>.  For example, dial 00 1 987-654-3210 to an USA/Canada phone number, dial 00 44 76543210 to UK phone #....etc (O2 direct dial cost to Non-Germany countries is in general higher than our other Germany voice SIMs, we recommend you purchase our Vodafone SIM card or Lebara Germany SIM card to call your home country.
  • Receiving calls
    Free Unlimited incoming calls! ( If you bring our own SIM from USA/Canada...etc, you will still be charged at high rate of international roaming fees!) Below is the rate for O2 Germany SIM
    Rate (€) Direct dial from O2 AT&T Intl. roaming cost in Germany
    Germany landline or mobilee €0.19 US$1.39
    Germany toll-free €0 US$1.39
    Calls to USA/Canada €0.99 US$1.39 plus intl' fee
    Calls to Asia countries €0.99 US$1.39 plus intl' fee
    SMS to Germany €0.29 US$0.50
    SMS to abroad €0.29 US$0.50 plus intl' fee
    Receiving calls €0.99 US$1.39

    International roaming in other EU countries.

    This SIM support international roaming in multiple countries. The rate is often cheaper than bring your own SIM from USA/ Canada. Some sample rates when roaming in Europe areas in below. For more detail, or update information please check O2's official international rate.

    When in EU Direct dial rate (€/min)
    To call EU countried 0.41
    To call USA/Canada/Australia 1.29
    To send SMS (worldwide) 0.13
    To receive SMS 0
    To receive a call 0.13
    How to use your O2 phone when you are NOT in Germany: dial 00-country code-area code-phone number (ignore the 1st "0", if there is one <SEND> . For example, to dial Germany when you are in France: 00-49 3221 2347684 <SEND>. to dial USA when you are in UK: 00-1-987-654-3210 <SEND>

    How to call your Germany O2 phone

    If you are calling from USA/ Canada:
    • dial 011-49-"your O2 phone #, without the first "0". Rate varies depends on your phone service provider.
    • Alternatively, you may purchase some international calling cards and do two-step indirect dial to your Germany phone #.  This may save you over 90% cost in some cases,
  • If you are calling from most other countries: dial 00 49 15xx-xxxxxxx (ignore the first "0"), or use any local cost-saving international cards to call.

    Check Balance

    Dial *101# <SEND> to receive a text message regarding your O2 account balance. Dial *105# to check your bonus balance.

    Refill/ Top up

  • Self-service refill:  Purchase a top up (refill) PIN at local wireless store, supermarket, drug stores. With the PIN code voucher, dial *103*refill PIN followed by # and then <SEND> to refill your account. To confirm the top up, you may check your balance by dial *101#  and then <SEND>.
  • Full-service: We can do remote top up for you with a process fee. The top up will be done within 24-48 hrs (faster during Germany business hours.

    Expiration date

    To prevent your O2 account from expiring, please top up your account at least once every 6 months.  If your expires, you will need to buy a new SIM with new phone number.

    Customer Service

    O2 Germany: Dial 55 22 2 from your O2 phone when you are in Germany, or 0176 - 88 85 52 22 from other Germany phones
    Aerobile: Our USA office phone number is +1-919-261-7889 or you can contact Aerobile by email.
  • Current Reviews: 17
    This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 24 April, 2011.
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    G*e*t Inquiry: Tuesday 25 February, 2014  16:34:33
    Question: 請問我已經有這張卡了German O2 sim w/30day Unlimited data (Laptop or phone),但裡面沒餘額,我最少一次要儲值多少,才能開始使用一個月?25歐嗎?
    Answer: 對,至少要有25歐,然後再發送訂購簡訊才行。

    G*e*t Inquiry: Tuesday 25 February, 2014  16:20:17
    Question: 請問這張卡German O2 sim w/30day Unlimited data (Laptop or phone),儲值一次就是25歐用一個月嗎?
    Answer: 在德國完成儲值後門號內有30歐元,然後再發送訂購簡訊,完成後會自動扣掉25歐元,當天開始30天內可無限流量上網(前5GB高速)

    G*e*t Inquiry: Saturday 02 November, 2013  04:16:31
    Question: 你好!本人買了30days unlimited package. 在cologne同berlin時使用訊號都十分良好,但現正在nurnberg,發現此卡上不到網(這幾天用量只有1GB左右),未知請問是 ... More
    Answer: 您好!請您協助確認:


    G*e*t Inquiry: Saturday 12 October, 2013  11:05:26
    Question: 你好,請問桃園機場是否有代銷店可購買,下週一(10/14)要出國去德國,我住新竹,這兩天最方便最快的購買方式為何?另外,有支援iPhone 5 的sim嗎?
    Answer: 您好!機場無此產品,依您的出發時間可能來不及出貨了,建議您到當地的O2營運據點直接購買。

    G*e*t Inquiry: Saturday 13 July, 2013  11:40:29
    Question: Hi,

    I'm going to Germany for 3 weeks. I would like to buy a 30-day unlimited card serivce. Is tha ... More
    Answer: 您好,我們可以寄送到澳門,當天3點前完成訂單並付款,我們都會出貨。建議您選順豐速遞1-2天送到澳門,價錢與運費放入購物車點選結帳會自動幫您計算,smartphone都可以使用,謝謝。

    jiaxi ... More
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