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Canada Fido Postpay SIM (various plans)

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Offline PriceNT$550
Online Price NT$500

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  • 4GB data usage and unlimited calls to Canada
  • With Rogers' network, Fido is one of the best wireless carriers in Canada
  • We will forward your application to Fido. You will receive a Canadian mobile number.
  • This is a post-pay plan. Please provide your passport and travel document information for applying. Missing information may result in delaying or even rejection from Fido.
  • For short-term visitors (stay in Canada for less than 30 days), please visit North America AT&T GoPhone預付卡. 1GB/6GB/ Canada Visitor SIM

Canada Fido Post-pay SIM


Canada Fido monthly plan

country Canada
billing cycle monthly (postpay plan)
Feature 1、5~20GB Data at 4G LTE speed (depends on your plan )
2、Unlimited calls within Canada
3、NO hotspot sharing
4、Authentic Fido Postpay Plans: We will forward your application to Fido directly. You will get billed by Fido and you may contact Fido directly for all other issues about your mobile phone account.


Student special plans ( require a copy of student visa/ addmission letter, and the applicant must be 24 years-old and youger. The $40 activation fee is waived for student plans) All plans include unlimited Canada Nation-wide calls&SMS +Unlimited int'l SMS+1000 min to call Taiwan, Hong Kong and China

  • C$40 Plan:25GB Data included

Standard plans (The $40 activation fee will be billed in your 1st month bill. All plans include unlimited Canada Nation-wide calls&SMS)

  • C$32 Plan:No cellular Data included
  • C$37.5 Plan:2GB Data included
  • C$41.25 Plan:4GB Data included
  • C$45 Plan:6GB Data included
  • C$60 Plan:8GB Data included
  • C$65 Plan:15GB Data included
  • C$70 Plan:20GB Data included

Please note that Fido reserve the right to change available plans without notifying us or the customers. If your choice of plan is not available by the time we activate the SIM, we will inform you before activation.

How to apply 1、Submit your application online in this page.
2、Visit our physical stores in Taipei to apply it (Office location)
Handset requirement
  • Please use 4G/5G phones manufactured after 2016
  • This SIM can only be used in mobile phones. It does NOT support WiFi Router or tablets.
  • Please check if your phone is manufactured in or after 2016. Older phones may have competibility issues.
  • If you are not sure about phone competibilty, please check the most updated infomation at fido.com



Most phones will configure itself when you are connected to the network. If not here are instructions to configure your phone manually:
For iPhone
For Andorid phones
Special Note
  • You will receive signal only after we activate it and only after you arrive in Canada.
  • This is a post-pay service. You will receive bills in email from Fido. Please make sure your email is entered correctly.
  • Once the SIM is activated, please contact Fido directly for billing, rate plan, or any other customer service issues
  • Should you decide to terminate your service, please contact Fido from your phone (dial 611) or visit a local Fido store. Important: This is a post-pay monthly plan. Fido will continue to send you monthly bills until you request line termination. Fail to terminate your line before you leave Canada will result in unpaid bills
Customer service

611 from your Fido phone or
1-888-481-FIDO (3436)
Weekdays - 8am to 9pm
Weekends - 9am to 5pm

Last updated on:2023/06/09



Does the US$25 Fido SIM not include any calling credit? I must add minimum C$10 (total : US$25 + 14.25 = 39.25) in order to make it work, right?

2013-07-02 11:21:00

hi, YES. that's correct.



Will be in Toronto And also in orlando Florida

When in Orlando can we make local calls, i.e. Orlando #? What will be the charge

In Orlando can we call my friend (Toronto #) travelling with us? What will be the charge?



2012-06-09 01:45:01

If you really want to use a Canada phone number in USA (Orlando), yes you can but it's quite expensive. It's $1.45/min for voice calls (both outbound and inbound), and $0.75 for text messaging. That's for calling a USA domestic number, and if you call your friend in Toronto (even when he is traveling with you in FL), you will be charged extra for international fees (USA to Canada phone #)

A more reasonable way it to get another USA SIM card (for short-term staying, this is USA AirVoice SIM the most cost-effective one: http://www.aerobile.com/eshop/airvoice-card-month-10month-with-250min-p-64.html) Your might want to get one for your Canadian friend who is traveling with you so that he can save money too when he is in FL.

If you are going to use your phone in the USA for over 20 min (both incoming and outgoing), a USA SIM card is much worthy than Fido SIM roaming in the USA.



Are you shipping the SIM to me and how long it takes after ordering? You will activate the SIM 5 days before my arrival, does it mean the SIM will expire 30 days minus 5 after my arrival? Thanks.

2011-08-25 08:49:58

We ship SIM cards everyday.If your payment is confirmed by noon, it will be shipped on the same day. Standard USPS shipping is 2-5 days, and priority shipping is 2-3 days.

Q:You will activate the SIM 5 days before my arrival, does it mean the SIM will expire 30 days minus 5 after my arrival?
A: YES. Although, you can refill the account to extend the expiration date.




So how do i activate (or get the number) from my hometown?

2009-08-29 04:10:12

HI, when ordering, you will be asked where you want to use the phone (or the arrival city). We will activate the sim card for you and assign a phone number of the city.


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對打工度假來說很方便, 但2022/7的月費不是40塊, 是40.95唷~跟大家說一聲
另外, 我這邊收到的第一個帳單有一筆1.32的charge費用, 等我去問完fido會再上來留言看是怎麼回事:)
感謝幫忙在台灣還沒出發就可以一下飛機有網路用, 真的很感謝.

2022-08-04 09:47:37

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2022-05-10 00:07:23

陳*翰 C*E*, P*-*A* This review is rewarded with discount coupon


2021-08-26 10:07:08

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2021-08-25 01:55:45

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2021-08-13 02:54:27