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China Mobile 3GB/Day high speed data

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This product is for customer in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China


J*n*u* *h*m

Hi, sorry to bother you again.
Can I pick these up at around 9 AM at Taoyuan Airport Terminal 2?
On your webpage, it says the pick-up counter works from 11am - 20pm.

2024-06-11 09:57:14

Hello, yes. When there is no one at the counter, the items will be placed at the counter. You can take them away according to your order number. Thank you.


J*n*u* *h*m

Thanks a lot for the quick reply.
I have more questions.
1) This SIM does work in Hong Kong as well, right?
2) In the Details menu, it says "Customers in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong" can use this.
Does this mean only citizens of Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong are allowed to use this SIM card?
I guess other nationalities can also use this, is it correct (I'm Korean)?

2024-06-10 21:05:25

Hello, it is available in Hong Kong. Anyone can buy it. The supported countries are listed in the detailed information. Thank you.



Hello, I'm visiting China this weekend.
Can I use Google, Facebook, and Line in CHINA with this sim?
Or, do I additionally need a VPN to use those?

2024-06-10 18:24:11


You can use Google, Facebook, and Line with this SIM card in China
Do not need VPN

thank you!



林*文 L*n* *i* This review is rewarded with discount coupon


2019-09-23 14:35:13

陳*伶 B*t*y This review is rewarded with discount coupon


2019-05-22 14:21:14

湯*萱 T*n*, S*i*-*s*a* This review is rewarded with discount coupon


2019-04-13 22:01:27