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Australian Optus tourist prepaid card - 14-day

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  • Australia Optus simcard gives the best voice & data package
  • Optus network covers most of the main areas in Australia
  • Simcard in all sizes available, including standard, micro and nano SIM
  • Simcard comes with user instruction
  • Ready to use upon your arrival


蔡*新 C*a* *i* *s*n This review is rewarded with discount coupon

The sim was working quite well in Melbourne area and the coverage was good. The phone number assigned would be better if it was being sent via SMS instead of coming with email.
Activation has no issue and I can start using the SIM immediately after I have arrived the airport. Overall a good value for such as large data plan.

2024-02-22 17:03:38

游*來 Y*U M*n*a*

1. I was not informed by email about my phone number in Australia two days before I departed; therefore it caused some inconveniences, such as I couldn't use the sim card as soon as I went through the immigration. It was only after I checked into my hotel and used the hotel wifi to contact the customer service via Line, they started to activate my sim card in Australia. I spent more than an hour waiting for the whole process. What a time loss!

2. The instruction I received in Taiwan says that by dialing 555 with my sim card in Australia, I would get informed about the remaining data flow available for my number, however, this number 555 never works up to now.

3. The customer service on Line (etelau) tells me that I could only check my used data flow for a certain day two days after, this really is not useful information for a user of this product. The reason for checking the data flow is mainly for controlling the use to be within the allowed limit, such as 500 MB per day in my case. It would be more useful if the checking is up to date, even better if its real time. How about developing an app for this function in addition to other customer interactions in the future?

4. I really appreciate the existence of such a product; therefore I put much expectations on it. That's why I have the complaints and opinions above. As a user experience professor before, I really hope that, in addition to the product's functionality, you can put more emphasis on the experiences of customers, so as to improve the service in the future.

Best regards,
Manlai YOU

2016-10-27 06:17:33